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The Hello Kitty Murder

Hello everyone!

This is the first post of this blog. The No Sleep blog is owned by me and my best friend Alex and we'll write posts separately, every week (as much as we can).
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This week I want to present you a murder case that happened a few years ago, and in my opinion, it's pretty creepy.

Let's go!

The Hello Kitty Murder was a 1999 case in which a 23 year old girl known as Ah Map was kidnapped, tortured and eventually killed in an apartment in Hong Kong. The torture period was extended for a month.

Ah Map met the 34 year old Chan Man-lok in 1997, at one of the various brothels she worked in. He became a regular client, but had violent tendencies when he was on one of his many methamphetamine binges. She also made the mistake of stealing his wallet. She paid back the money, and even paid $10,000 in interest, but Chan wanted a lot more than that.

Ah Map couldn't pay the extra money Chan demanded afterwords, so on 17th March of 1999, Map was abducted from her home by Chan's accomplices: Leung Shing-cho (27) and Leung Wai-lun (21).

Chan The girl was beaten at first, but then the case took a turn for the worst. The men decided to use the girl for personal play instead of a "simple" beating.

Like I said, the torture was taken to the next step: first, the beatings were simple, but soon things changed and escalated. They started to beat her with furniture and some other metal objects.

They would force her to make things she didn't want, for example: to smile. If she didn't do that, the torture would get even worse.

Between the beating sessions, she would be left in the kitchen, while the guys played video games and got high. When they got bored, the beatings would start again.

They would melt plastic into her body and other times, they would burn her directly and then press into the wounds to inflict pain. Other times they would suspend her in the ceiling (they used electrical cabling) and then left her there, hanging in the air... The torture got worse and worse, and after a month of horrible torture, Map passed away, in the bathroom.

What happened next?

The next day, after playing video games, the trio decided to destroy the body. They placed the poor girl's body into the bathtub and then dismembered her.

The body parts were boiled down and the head was placed somewhere bizarre: in a "Hello Kitty" type of toy.

So, in May 1999, a fourteen year old called Ah Fong walked into a police station and told the officers that she was being haunted by the ghost of the woman she had helped torture.

Would you believe that story yourself? That's pretty crazy, to be honest!

And another thing: who is this girl?
Even with such a crazy story, the officers decided to follow up the girl's story.

When they investigated a third floor flat, they found a horrible crime scene.
There was evidence of a corpse hidden in the apartment, parts of internal organs kept in the fridge, and also some teeth.

The most shocking part of all, was the discovery of a human skull, found in a large stuffed "Hello Kitty" mermaid toy.

During the investigation of this horrible crime, the fourteen year old girl gave gruesome details of what happened to Ah Fong during that month. She had been there the hole time, because she was Chan's girlfriend.

After the trial, the three men were handed life sentences with no review for parole (for a minimum period of 20 years) and unfortunately the three men were only convicted of manslaughter and unlawful imprisonment.

For me, the most horrific part was the Ah Fong testimony. She was asked how they could all take part in such a horrific and sadistic crime, she replied:
“She was broken and playing with her wasn’t so much fun after that, but we carried on anyway. There wasn’t anything else to do”
“I did it for fun. Just to see what it was like to hurt someone.”
And unfortunately, for her testimony, she received total immunity from prosecution...

Well guys, this is all I have for you today.

I really hope you like this post!

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Stay awesome!



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