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The Saturday Night Live Curse

Unlike the rest of the posts in this blog, this article is based on theories and can be classified as a myth or conspiracy theory. You might agree with this post and all the research fonts, but please keep in mind to receive this information with a grain of salt.

Hey guys!

Today I am going to talk to you about a theory that made me curious since the first time that I got the chance to know it.
You probably know Saturday Night Live, a live show on NCB that features many mainstream artists and well known actors made speacial guest appearences, made with a consistent cast that might change during seasons.
Many well known faces from comedy movies had their beginning on SNL: Kristen Wiig, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Amy Schumer, Jenny Slate, among others.

However there were a few of them that made many people laugh, and were supposed to be huge in the future, however... They were not so lucky.

But what is this all about?

As I said before, there were some SNL cast members that weren't so lucky and ended up dying either right after leaving SNL or even while they were on the show. Since the beginning of the show in the 1970´s, there is already 7 deaths - not related to each other - that made people assume that there is some sort of sorcery with SNL.

The deaths have no pattern and the situations are quite at random, meaning that the deaths ocurred either by murder, overdose or even cancer.

Though there are 7 deaths, there were some which made the public quite unsettled.

One of them was the Phil Hartman murder. Phil was a loved cast member, and also a voice actor for The Simpsons in the 90s. However is home life was not at all a stardom dream instead it was a nightmare. His wife was a drug user and Phil was against that behaviour.
On May 27 1998 after a dinner out, Phil finally had enough with his wife behavior and they entered in a heated argument while heading home.
His wife then entered the bedroom where he was resting and shooted him in the head, and then confessed her crime to a friend just so later she was also found dead by a self inflicted shot wound. The couple was found dead on May 28, and left 2 children.

People Magazine cover featuring the Hartman couple/ Phil Hartman body removal

Another shocking death was John Belushi, who died on March 5th 1982 with only 33 years old by a overdose of cocaine and heroin, also known as speedball. It was later known that his colleague and friend Catherine Smith was with Belushi on the day of his death and that she was the one that administrated the speedball shot.

News article about John Belushi's life/ John's body removal (source in the picture findadeath.com)

Like John Belushi, Chris Farley also died from the same causes, also by overdose of cocaine and heroin - speedball. And like Belushi, Farley also died at the age of 33. While he appeared on TV people were commenting on his looks, particularly his weight and drug usage. Chris was known to had seek treatment for 17 times before overdosing. He passed away on December 18th 1997.

Daily News cover featuring Chris Death/ Chris Farley crime scene

The other victims were Gilda Radner who died in 1989 with ovarian Cancer, Danitra Vance who died in 1994 with breast cancer, Michael O'Donoghue who died also in 1994 with a brain hemorrhage, Charles Rocket who died in 2005 by commiting suicide by cutting his own throat with a box cutter, Tom Davis who died in 2012 by throat cancer and finally Jan Hooks who died in 2014 also from cancer.

So what do you think? Do you believe in this curse thing? Or do you have a different opinion? Leave you comments below.

Stay safe and see you next time!


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