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The Krampus - A Creepy Christmas Legend

Hello everyone! How are you?
I was on YouTube this week and I heard the brand new song by Lacuna Coil, "Naughty Christmas" and something came into my mind. Well, it's almost Christmas and on this blog, we love all things creepy...

With that being said I present you the one and only Krampus! Have fun!

A long, long time ago, there was a dark, hairy, horned beast that was said to show up at the door to beat and carry children away from there parents.
The Krampus could be easily heard by the sound of his iron chains and cloven hooves.
The strangest part of this story was that he was in league with Santa Claus.

The Origin of Evil

The mythical Krampus was no demon or evil force, he was the companion to Saint Nicholas (or Santa Claus as we all know him).
Santa at this point has the reputation of loving all children and to be good to them during Christmas by giving gifts to the "good" ones. Krampus on the other side, plays another role: he stays with the naughty kids.

"A 1900s greeting card reading 'Greetings from the Krampus!"
 (Image provided by Wikipedia)

It is believed that the horrible creature would visit the home of misbehaving children to punish them. It was also believed he would beat, kidnap or even bring kids down to his underworld (Hell to be more precise) to live there for an entire year.
According to some old legends, Saint Nicholas (or Santa Claus) would know if children had a good or bad behavior during the year and if they were naughty, Krampus would be in charge of them and would have the right to punish them.
This hole story was used to oblige children to behave during the year. Krampus reputation was bad enough and terrified children well enough.
Their good behavior would make them believe that Santa would come and would offer them gifts to thank them for their good actions.

"Saint Nicholas and Krampus visit a Viennese home (1896 illustration)". 
(Image provided by Wikipedia)

Historians remain unsure as to the exact origins of this creature,but the majority of people believe that Krampus, just like Santa, predates Christianity, originating from Norse and Alpine traditions and also Germanic paganism.
Krampus image evolved over time and throughout regions, and the same happened to Santa Claus himself, but Krampus represents a balance between good and evil, just like dark and light.


Krampusnacht means "Krampus Night". During the eve of December 5, German children would be careful enough not to attact the attention of the horrible beast and they would all hope that Santa would bring beautiful presents on the next day, December 6. That day was called Nikolaustag.


Other Facts

It is believed that Krampus is the son of Hel (Hel is the daughter of Loki in Norse mythology).
The origins of his name are also German and Krampen means Claw.

There are also some movies about this legend. I will put the link bellow so that you can check them out!

Check the movies here!

Oh, by the way, please check out the amazing song by Lacuna Coil that I've mention before!

I hope you like this post and thank you so much for your time!
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Have a nice Christmas and... Stay away from Krampus! ;)




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