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The - Not So Glamorous - Life of Anna Nicole Smith


Hey guys!

When we think about Playboy and Playmates, one of the main ideas that we have is that their lives are full of beauty and glamour.

Or at least most of them.

Today I bring you a Playmate who's life was more of a crazy nightmare, than a glamorous ride. That girl was Anna Nicole Smith.

Anna Nicole Smith - birth name: Vickie Lynn Hogan - was born on November 28, 1967 in Houston, Texas. She was a model, an actress, and television personality, and she was also compared to Hollywood's gourgeous Marilyn Monroe (ironic to say the least).

Anna won the title of Playmate of the year in 1993, which gave her even more notoriety.

She was also married twice, the first one 3 years after she dropped out of High School, which ended up in divorce. The second one - and the most controversial - with the octogenarian J. Howard Marshall, that many people speculated she only married him for his wealth, which she had to prove it was false. After Marshall's passing, Anna had a long battle with the law due to the legal estate and Marshall's will.

Anna Nicole and Marshall

Anna also had 2 children: Daniel Smith, and 10 year old Dannielynn Birkhead.

Anna Nicole Smith with her son Daniel Smith
Dannielynn Birkhead

It is important to mention Daniel Smith, since it was the beginning of the downward spiral in the life of the model. Daniel was a heroin user and died in September 2006 after an overdose on painkillers, due to drug use and chronical pain.

Anna Nicole Smith on her son's death bed. It is believed he is already dead in this picture, but there's no proof of it's veracity.
Anna Nicole Smith, like her son, was also known to be a drug user, even though she often denied, like she did in many interviews. However on 2004’s Billboard Awards, she presented Kanye West’s musical moment completely drunk, as you can see below: 

After her son’s death, her decay became more and more noticeable. According Howard Stern – Smith’s old time boyfriend: she was devastated with her son’s death and she was ready to go down with him -, even though at the time of his death she already had the new-born Dannielynn.

On February 8th 2007, Anna Nicole was found dead at the age of 39 in room 607 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. A 911 call was made that stated that Anna would not respond to the CPR that was being made.

Anna Nicole Smith's death scene
She died in the result of mixed prescription drugs on her system. Her funeral had to be close casket due to the fact that her body was decomposing faster than it was supposed to.
She also shares the grave with her beloved son, Daniel.

Anna's Funeral

Anna and Daniel's grave

Anna was pretty troubled. It is believed that she had a pharmacy worth of medication on the suite that she was found dead. 

She also fell onto the pool once while intoxicated, but she was rescued on time, and survived from a drowning.

Also, there's a theory that the lawyer - and Anna's lover - Howard Stern was present in both Daniel's and Anna's death, leading many people to believe that he wanted Anna to be dead, and that he should be accounted from being present... Overall it was a shady situation.

Even after her death, her daughter Dannielynn, who was 5 months old at the time of her mother’s death, became the heiress to Smith’s estate evaluated on 700.000$. But there was a huge lawsuit fight for the confirmation of the parternity.

If you're curious about more shady things about her death check out this article and find out more. Believe me, it is very interesting!

And there you have it.
Sometimes the lives that you wish for, is not at all that glamour and fun.

See you on the next post! Thanks for reading!



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